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Oklahoma State University III
located in Stillwater, Oklahoma

John C. McCornack
Yukon, Oklahoma


Student Union

Oklahoma State Student Union

As the community center for Oklahoma State University students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests, the Student Union acts as a hub for social activities, houses a variety of merchants and student services and strives to expand the educational opportunities of its members.

In addition to providing services, our mission is to serve as a community center by providing an opportunity for campus members to interact outside of the office and classroom in a meaningful way.

The OSU Student Union, one of the four largest unions in the world, celebrated its grand opening in 1950 after 20 years of planning. First discussed in the early 1930’s, plans for the Student Union were not put into action until 1947 when increased enrollment generated more demands for a facility designed to house student organizations, meeting rooms and the offices of the Alumni Association.

Completed with an 81 room hotel, the Student Union became a focal point of campus activity. Both a cafeteria and shopping area were also enclosed in the Union. Students also began to make special use of the Union through the ten different student organizations housed within, which became a precedent for years to come.


One more set of steps


Gallagher-Iba Arena

Originally named Gallagher Hall after OSU¹s fabled wrestling coach Ed Gallagher, the Board of Regents honored legendary Cowboy basketball coach Henry Iba when the arena was remodeled in 1987, and his name was added to the arena¹s title.

Gallagher served as OSU¹s wrestling coach from 1916-40. In his 23 years, OSU won 11 national team titles and compiled a 138-5-4 dual record. Gallagher was also an outstanding athlete while attending Oklahoma State. He was captain of the track team for three years, and his 99-yard run against Kansas State in 1908 will always stand as the longest football run in school history.

Iba, who passed away in January 1993, was a coaching giant in the sport of basketball. He coached more games than any person in NCAA history (1,105), and his 767 career wins are third only to Adolph Rupp and Dean Smith. Iba served as coach and athletic director at OSU from 1935 to ¹70 and in those 36 seasons posted a 655-316 record while guiding the Cowboys to 13 league championships, eight NCAA appearances and the 1945 and 1946 NCAA Championships.

Additionally, the storied building is currently undergoing a $51 million renovation that will double its seating capacity and add numerous new auxiliary facilities. The "new" Gallagher-Iba Arena will open in December 2000.


Noble Research Center

The Noble Foundation of Ardmore, Oklahoma donated $3 million toward the construction of this building. This multi-million dollar research and educational complex was built in three phases. The first phase, consisting of the south complex and one of the three adjacent research buildings, was completed in 1988. The second and third phases included two additional research buildings. The Noble Research Center, consisting of 178,000 square feet, houses the Departments of Entomology, Biochemistry, Plant Pathology, Microbiology, and the University Center for Laser Research. The complex also includes the T. Boone Pickens Jr. School of Geology, made possible in part by a $1 million gift from Mr. Pickens.


Typical architecture


Pistol Pete

Most people have heard of Pistol Pete, but many are unaware just what that is. Is it a pizza restaurant?...a basketball player?...a tennis player?...a cartoon character? Well, Pistol Pete is two things. First and foremost, he was a man, Frank Eaton, who led a colorful life in the old west. Second, and how most people know him, Pistol Pete is mascot for Oklahoma State University.

Around 1923, when Oklahoma A & M College was searching for a new mascot to replace their tiger (copied along with orange and black colors, from Princeton), a group of students saw Frank Eaton leading the Armistice Day Parade. He was approached to see if he would be interested in being the model for the new mascot, and he agreed. A likeness was drawn and began to be used on sweatshirts, stickers, etc. and a tradition was born. That caricature was the basis for what is used today as the official Oklahoma State University Mascot. For thirty-five years, the crusty old cowboy was a living symbol of OSU, representing the colorful past of the area. As such, he would attend OSU athletic events, building dedications, etc., and sign autographs, pose for photographs and reminisce about the Old West with anyone who would listen. In more recent years, the University of Wyoming and New Mexico State University began using variations of OSU's artwork as logos for their schools. To this day, his likeness is a visible reminder of the Old West to literally millions of people yearly as a symbol of colleges whose mascots pay homage to the cowboy.


Famous Student Union


OSU gets $70 Million


By The Associated Press

STILLWATER -- Texas oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens has given Oklahoma State its largest gift ever, $70 million for football stadium renovation, scholarships and other athletic programs, the university announced Thursday.

Pickens $20 million donation toward renovating rusty Lewis Field ensures groundbreaking this summer and completion of the new south stands by the 2004 football season, athletic director Harry Birdwell said.

The stadium trust fund should generate an additional $15 million, which Pickens will give to fund scholarships, officials said.

Also, Pickens, 74, a 1951 OSU graduate, is leaving $35 million in his will to fund more scholarships and other athletic programs, officials said.

"This is a large gift," Pickens said. "I understand that, but I do consider it a privilege to give it and to have the opportunity to give it."

The gift brings Pickens' total donations to the university to almost $75 million. Pickens, who has a degree in geology, gave $4.5 million previously for academic programs, including the Boone Pickens School of Geology.

Pickens' stadium gift completes fund-raising for the first of three phases of the Lewis Field renovation, the enhancement of the south stands, Birdwell said.

The university is increasing the stadium's capacity to about 53,000 from 47,000, adding a new press box and building new luxury suites. The three-year project will cost $86 million.

In 1956, Pickens, a Holdenville native, formed MESA Petroleum, a company which became one of the largest independent producers of natural gas and oil in the United States.


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