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Route 66 Bridge

John C. McCornack
Yukon, Oklahoma


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Route 66 Bridge

Travelin’ down a snow covered road
At first I didn’t realize
I was approaching a famous bridge
I was in for a great surprise

This wasn’t just an ordinary drive
I’d like you all to know
It was on a famous mother road
I decided to take it slow

‘Cause you see this famous bridge
Was on that well-known road
Folks really got a taste of travel
As they hauled their weary loads

I feel like I am honored
To get a chance to drive along
On a road like Route 66 where
It has a TV show and song!

Marilyn Lott © 2007- 300

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Route 66 bridge through my front windshield


The World of Mom:

My mom taught me

The journey from the earth to the stars
is a lot easier if you travel a red dirt road


Anyone for Mistletoe?


One more time


Ice Prints

Oh, nature has a tale to tell and it can tell it well
When I go on my journey with my camera in my hand
I snap a photo here or there and never really know
What will show up until I show the pictures to my friends

And their creative minds will always tell me what they see
And some of their visions are really very nice
But one day while out in the snow as flakes were all around
Frost upon my windshield gave way for baby footprints of ice

Oh, see the frosty little feet with tiny toes in tact
Think I'll travel out tomorrow and bring my camera back
Those little footprints may belong to a tiny angel fair
I hope when I go out again I'll see it in the air.

Flying 'mongst the snowflakes as they flutter to the ground
The mysteries of winter can be seen for miles around
But now until tomorrow I will bid you all goodbye
But I'll be back with camera and take pictures of the sky

ImAuthor4U © 01-04-01


Time to go home


Route 66 Bridge

Was cold with the snow coming down in bucketfulls
When I started driving to my home on old Route 66
All my photos were taken from the inside of my car
I must continue on down this road known for kicks

If I am lucky maybe by day after tomorrow I can return
With my Sony DSC-P71 digital camera in my hand
And if I remain sober and the snow isn't too deep
I'll be looking for more new places in this great land

----- John


Photo by John McCornack

Photo by John McCornack Photo by John McCornack

Country is the greatest place
To ride my bike along

Photo by John McCornack

Out in nature’s very best
Just hummin’ a country song.

M. I. Lusby


School related experiences in Italy by Mary

June 12, 2013 Wednesday

This morning my eyes opened of their own accord at 6:40 am. I then looked at the window and saw a small sliver of intense light from the crack between curtains. With the presence of light I was faced with a dilemma. To run or not to run. My athletic side won the fight and within twenties minutes I was closing my hotel door. As I walked down the stairs I ran into the concierge. He was most helpful. Apparently they kept the front door locked at night for security reasons, so he let me out and directed me to the nearest park.

Photo by John McCornack Photo by John McCornack

On the way there I passed many pedestrians and bicyclists. I was the only person wearing athletic clothing. Then I finally made it a wooded area. I cautiously tried deciphering the sign outside. Nothing made sense so I ventured inside. I hesitantly started a slow jog as a passed old ladies and elderly couples on their morning walks. At every sign I stopped and tried reading them to see if running was prohibited. I saw many blue signs with various white figures standing up with arrows indicating movement and repetition. It seems like these signs encourage some sort of physical activity when you reach them.

I continued running for a while without frequent stops when I finally saw another runner. Eventually more came out of the shadows. They almost all wore long athletic pants and long sleeve t-shirts. I have no idea how Italians can wear so many layers of clothing. I eventually stopped running because of my ankle and walked around a little bit. The weather was perfect with just a hint of chill. The trees loomed overhead and the shadows extended over most of the path. Birds chirped overhead, as I came across a large fountain. I watched it for a few minutes when I heard the oddest sound. It was like a duck quaking mixed with a pig oinking. I’m fairly positive it wasn’t a pig hiding in the bushes, so it was probably a bird or something aquatic. It must be commonplace, because an old lady passing by didn’t even look twice.

Photo by John McCornack Photo by John McCornack

I also keep hearing random bird noises. There’s one that literally sounds like the tardis landing or leaving. Every time I hear it, I’m tempted to look.

We had our first class today. My one complaint is the Wi-Fi. I, and most of my classmates, could not connect at all. Fortunately, I was able to email it to myself before arriving in the few minutes the hotel Wi-Fi actually worked. The class was pretty cool. Professor Bosse is very laid back and his class is interesting. Today half of the class had to present a journal entry that was edited for public consumption. Some were interesting, and others were painfully boring. I couldn’t even comment on them because they were so dull I tuned out. Mine went well.

After class I ate a kabob place. I had pita bread stuffed with lamb, lettuce, onions, and zucchini. It was decent, but I think anything tastes good given how late our class dismisses. The lamb was really cool. They had a large cylinder thing of lamb on a stick rotating next to a heater. Whenever they needed more lamb, someone would literally shave the meat to take off a layer. I then went with two classmates to do homework in a little coffee shop. There's a courtyard through the back with large tables and umbrellas. We set up shop and tackled our art history pages. I don’t even know what Kirk wants on those. He hasn’t given back our previous essays so I can’t learn from that. I know what I wrote today was crap, but I don't know what he wants and I’m mentally exhausted from all of the essays. Even these journals are strenuous over time. I wish we had more time for Kirks essays. We literally toured the place we have to write about yesterday afternoon and the essay is due tomorrow morning. I’m also at a huge disadvantage because I’m not used to writing or reading dull books. I don’t have those skills mastered and I certainly don’t have the terminology memorized to use in my essays. I’m also too mentally exhausted to keep things straight. I miss math and logic.

While we were sitting outside it lightly rained. It was so nice. Rain here is a gentle ten minute affair instead of the torrential end-of-the-world rains we get at home. The strongest wind here is like the barest breeze in Oklahoma. It has been nice to be able to eat so many meals outside. The bugs aren’t even much of a problem, even in Venice which should be mosquito heaven. After finishing our essays we set out to find dinner.

Photo by John McCornack Photo by John McCornack

I chose a random place on our voucher list and we headed that way. After passing street after street we finally found it only to realize it’s closed on Wednesdays. We then tried another restaurant, but the owner said it was a 30 minute wait. Then we tried another one that hadn’t opened yet. We finally went the opposite direction and went farther south than our hotel and couldn’t find that restaurant. Then we tried a fifth restaurant on the limited list. We finally found this one in a back ally. It's annoying that these restaurants don’t follow their own posted hours. The meal here was decent. I had chicken in some sort of sauce with peppercorn. On the translated menu it said sliced chicken and peppers of 3. It looked more like a quest location than a food item. The chicken was really good and the peppercorn wasn’t nearly as spicy as in the states. I had vegetables. I know one was zucchini and another a yellow pepper. The third one I'm uncertain about. I think it’s eggplant. Then we had gelato on the way home. I would write which flavors I had, but I literally don’t know. I just point to or read the name of anything that looks interesting or I don’t know what it means.

I’m so tired I need to sleep now. Hopefully my roommate will leave to go out soon. Apparently everyone else hasn’t finished their essays yet.


Thanks for spending a little time in my world!

John McCornack


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Pretty in Ice

Nice pictures. I remember my dad telling me how my Grandfather worked on the old steel bridges across Pa. and New York States. He was a person who put the little rabbits in the bridge. He would be up on top. My dad told me many men were hurt falling from the bridges. I like the pretty pictures of the snow

As usual, your pictures are beautiful, but my goodness, you sure do get the snow there. So far, we are having such a mild winter here in Oregon, hard to believe there is that much snow elsewhere, thanks again for your pages, Love them, feel like I'm traveling, and not even moving an inch.

Those were beautiful pictures of the snow -- particularly, the first shot. There is so much beauty around us -- however, I realize that people who cannot get warm don't feel the same about the snow as I do. Today, I will have to tramp down the snow on the point so that the ducks can see the corn.

Lake Overholzer is the most BEAUTIFUL scene....oh, I wish I were there right now by a cozy bon fire. What I wouldn't write. How can anyone see scenes like this and not know the mighty hands of our Father? Wow!! Thanks for sharing.

That is beautiful You did a great Job. I came from a small town in Texas near Houston we didn't see much snow there all we got was ice if anything. I love the snow we have here in Oklahoma.

The bridge looks unsafe to travel... would be so slick to drive on.. looks unnatural...pretty in ice ... covering up the rust and corrosion... I wonder how many vehicles have traveled over this bridge in the years it's been in existence... .How could you get a clear shot from inside your car... with the heater on...looks like the fog on the windshield would prevent you getting a clean view....what did the park look like...a fairyland? How many inches of ice.. the rest... snow? It's amazing how people will get out in the elements...I reckon I would too. ...if it were necessary


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Bubba loves the cold weather when there is lots of ice
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