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Lost Memories

John C. McCornack
Yukon, Oklahoma



Bovine Big Mac


Lost Memories

Sitting in the old porch swing, dreaming of my past
Twilight's curtain has begun to fall
The creatures of the night are softly singing
And they carry me along as I recall

The days of old that were so dear to me
When we would sit and count the stars at night
Grandpa would play that old violin
And we would sing his favorite songs just right

Chores were finished, it was time to gather
As gentle breezes blew in from the south
Mom and Daddy took the time to listen
To us kids out on the porch of that old house

Sometimes Grandpa told us of his boyhood
And of when he was a soldier in the war
He'd tell us many things about our country
And tell us what the stars and stripes stood far

Now as I go and visit that old homestead
I think about the many times we had
If I listen closely I still hear them
The melodies I sang with Mom and Dad

I can even see my grandpa standing
And playing his violin for all to hear
If I could only go back to my childhood
I'd replay all these things I hold so dear

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Saturday afternoon fishing

The World of Mom:

My mom taught me

A rolling stone gathers no moss


Barn Southeast of Decatur Illinois
Photo provided by Doug Bryant


Topless barn

The World of Mom:

My mom taught me

Live your life
so that whenever you lose,
you're ahead


Wheat field windmill


Wheat field barn


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